Latest, see: RM112 upd. 

1.Risk Management: 

RM100. Risk Management Terms and Concept, 1p.

RM110. Risk Analysis: principle and scope, 2p.

RM111. Risk Analysis: risk magnitude and risk policy, 2p.

RM112. Risk level, ALARP, SIL and risk reduction by SIS, 1p.

RM130. Product Assurance (PA), definition, 1p.

RM131. Development Project Health Review, 2p.


2.Reliability Engineering:

R200. Reliability and System Performance, definitions, 1p.

R210. Life Cycle Costs (LCC) and Reliability, 1p.

R211. RAM Analysis: How to optimize system Availability, 5p.

R220. Maintenance: Mean Time To Restore (MTTR), definition, 1p.

R230. Generic failure modes in electronics, example, 1p.


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