Training Courses for Engineers

The best practices in Reliability Engineering and Risk Management.

Learn the essential Reliability and Risk analysis techniques for technical systems and products. Target group: design engineers, product developers, reliability engineers and quality managers. Course contents: lectures and exercises, including discussions about analysis tools, procedures and documenting. Advice on how to improve your own product's reliability.

Training topics, Company specific

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Course types, training packages

  1. BRIEFING (0.5 day): Select a topic (see course list) and get a good start. Learn the key points applicable to your technology.
  2. COURSE, Workshop (1-2d): Learn the methods, application and skills of reliability topics with exercises and team work
  3. SEMESTER with 5-10 course modules: We offer Reliability Engineering training packages for universities, colleges and companies.

The course modules can be fitted to your schedule. Training allows for confidential discussions on specific reliability problems and strategies. A course certificate is granted for each participant. Recommended grouo size: 4-30 persons per course. Collect min 4 persons in your team and contact us: info(a) .

RELIABILITY ACADEMY is a training organization established in 2008 by top reliability experts and systems engineers from different industries. We want to enable our clients to design better, more reliable and safer technology products and systems by eliminating liability risks.