Failure types and probability

Thursday 12/2/10 time 2:38 PM - Andy

It is tempting for a Reliability engineer to concentrate on probabilistic failures. 

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Thinking of Risk Analysis for a product?

Friday 6/25/10 time 11:29 AM - webmaster

If you have not used systematic risk analysis methods before, what is the most typical way to approach this new territory?

Many companies are not familiar with technical risk analyses until they are confronted with this by customers, for example when receiving a request for quotation.

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Product failure: component failure or functional failure

Tuesday 4/13/10 time 2:29 PM - Andy

In many reliability and risk analysis methods it is very useful to divide the concept of failure into two categories:

  1. Component failures
  2. Functional failures

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Reliability vs. Quality

Tuesday 4/6/10 time 3:06 PM - Andy

Should Reliability be part of Quality? Or is quality part of reliability?

Sooner or later this discussion pops up in an organization which is making products requiring some kind of approach for reliability engineering.

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