Helsinki, Sokos Hotel Pasila:

Day 1: Risk Analysis;

Day 2: HAZOP, SIL and LOPA and

Day 3: FMEA


Helsinki, Technopolis Ruoholahti: Day 1.Risk Analysis, Day 2.FMEA-analysis (together or separately), Program.

Typical course length is 1-2 days, or as 0.5d sessions combined into a full training program. Company specific training allows for detailed discussion of specific issues and strategies. Our teachers are reliability professionals with industrial experience. Contact: .


Reliability Engineering Basics. Reliability terms and parameters. Calculation of simple systems. How to connect to design project. (1 or 2d)

FMEA Analysis - Perform and document FMEA effectively. How to select the right FMEA type. (1d)

Risk Management Systems. RMS building blocks and procedures (2d).

Accelerated Reliability Tests, example. How to realize accelerated tests in practice. (1d)

Testability Design - How to achieve good Testability. (2d).

Briefing: EN 61508 Standard. Functional Safety short course. Also EN 13849.

Streamlined RCM - RCM procedures using MS-Office tools (1-2d).

Hazop - Hazard and Operability Study for analyzing process industry risks.

COURSES in 2013 (course list in pdf)


10. Risk Management System - Basic blocks for demanding applications

- Basic constituents of a risk management system. Risk and Reliability management, practical methods, timing in product development for high value products. (2d)

11. EN 61508 Briefing: Functional Safety.

- Briefing: Planning to apply EN 61508? Attend a half day briefing on main points. Then you can decide if you need a detailed course or workshop on applying EN 61508 to your product (0.5-1d).

- EN 61508 complete: requirements, interpretation and actions. Architecture, SIL levels and safety system requirements for a programmable safety device. Typical documentation and prerequisites for certification (2d).

12. EN 13849 Briefing: Machine Safety and Control Systems

- EN 13849 requirements, interpretation and actions. PL/SIL levels and reliability requirements for an electronic safety device. Documentation and practical requirments for certification (0.5-2d).

13. CE-Conformance and Machine Safety

- Requirements and Application of Machine Directive. Conformance evaluation, selecting and performing of risk analyses (1d).


21. Reliability Engineering Basics, Reliability calculations and Modeling.

- Reliability terms and parameters. Calculation of simple systems. Modeling of complicated systems. Methods for reliability determination of electronic pcb's and components. Reliability mamangement in a project. Excercises and team assignments. Exam if needed for reference. (2d).

22. FMEA - Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

- FMEA/FMECA basics. Practical guidelines how to perform FMEA and document it. Examples and excercises. There are many different FMEA methods, which one is just right for you? (1d).

23. Testability Design - How to achieve good Testability

- Testability Plan, activities, analysis, qualification stages and maintenance philosophy and documentation (2d).

24. Accelerated Reliability Tests

- The course enables the designers and test engineers to realize accelerated reliability tests (AST, ALT) in practice. Methods of Reliability Testing, how to select? How to connect tests in product design? What must be done before making a test plan? (2d).

25. Streamlined RCM

- Reliability Centered Maintenance. RCM procedures using standard MS-Office tools (1-2d).

26. Risk Analysis in Process Industries: Hazop

- This course will show you how to prepare, execute, implement and report a Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP). The method will be described with examples and brainstorming techniques.(2d)

27. Action Error Analysis, AEA

- AEA Basics, application, performance and documentation. (1d)

28. Atex-Analysis and Documentation

- ATEX Basics for process plants, application, performance and documentation. (1d)


31. Integrated Management Systems (1d). Internal Quality Audits (1d)

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