Day1: Risk Analysis and Risk Management

One Day Masterclass: Risk Analysis and Risk Management


  • Basic terms and concepts
  • Performing Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis
    • Methods
    • Risk magnitude, risk classification and risk matrix
  • Risk Analysis for Processes and Systems
  • Risk Management Systems


  • learn the basic risk terminology
  • understand that risk variation and personal and organizational experience can influence evaluation of risks
  • learn how to use the risk matrix
  • learn which hazard identification and risk analysis method suits for which case
  • learn about Risk Management Systems


Process and Equipment Designers (Equipment manufacturing, Chemical Industry, Electronics Industry, Engineering Offices), HSE professionals, HSE managers, HSE Directors, Safety and Risk Professionals, Plant Managers, Site Managers, Maintenance Managers and Project Managers

All participants will get a course participation certificate.

PROGRAM MASTERCLASS: Risk Analysis and Risk Management, Day 1

Lecturers: Antti Lyytikäinen and Pieter Jan Bots

8:30 Registration and Coffee

9:00 Basic terms and concepts

  • Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis importance
  • Concepts, definitions, terms and standards
  • Objective vs. subjective risk; personal and organizational experience vs. understanding potential risk; statistical variation and actual risk
  • Risk analysis methods, principles, selection, ensuring sufficient risk classificationCoffee break

10:15 Performing Hazard Identification and Risk analysis

  • Potential Problem Analysis (PPA), Hazard Analysis, Simple Risk Detection
  • Risk magnitude, how to calculate and use in risk classification
  • Exercises
12:30 Lunch

13:00 Exercises / team work

Risk Analysis for Processes and Systems.
  • Process structure, subsystems, operational modes
  • Methods, overview: HAZOP, FMEA, Action Error Analysis, RAM, etc.
  • Risk reduction, Inherent safety, LOPA, SIL

14:15 Coffee break

14:30 Exercises / team work

Risk Management Systems

  • Risk management system: basic tools, documenting
  • Risk management, Reliability management, Safety Management, examples


  • Overview
  • Discussion: minimum requirements in a technology project


17:00 Feedback and closure