AL Safety Design Ltd - - Independent consultant company for Product Assurance, Reliability Engineering, Safety Analysis, Risk Management and Conformance Engineering. Established in 1991, our customers include international companies in electronics, aerospace, new energy technology, chemical and machine industries. We offer the following analysis services: HAZOP, FMEA, RAM, RCM, LCC, MIL-217, FIDES, MTBF, SIL, LOPA, FTA, PSA, EN 61508 etc.

ALPS Service Management Ltd. - Database products for high reliability systems: Reliability and disturbance data collection and reporting. Current applications: 1) power plants, 2) high speed trains.

Spacetecfinland - Space Technology Services Finland - home - Link collection of high technology (aerospace) companies.

Provisec Ltd - - technology development and management consulting. be continued..


Partners, co-operation,  Reliability Academy is looking for:

1. Colleges, universities: Please contact us if your organization would like to implement training packages in your curriculum.

2. Trainers: If you are a reliability or safety professional, we can add you on our prospective trainer list.